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Specialty Yoga Teacher Certifications


Find your niche, become certified and expand your teachings as a highly skilled, specialty yoga teacher.

At your own pace.


Why Choose Yoga Veda On Demand?

Deepen Your Knowledge

Take your teaching beyond Asana. Expand your expertise in meditation, nutrition, philosophy and more with our course offerings.

Become Professionally Certified

When you take a course with Yoga Veda Now, you'll receive a certification from Yoga Veda Institute.

Go At Your Own Pace

Our 20 hour specialty certification trainings are available to you on demand. Take a week or a month to complete, the choice is yours. 

Start teaching "Boosting Immunity with Ayurveda" workshop today!

Download our FREE out-of-the-box online workshop curriculum and start teaching students how to boost your immunity with Ayruveda. Start teaching online workshops TODAY from your own home. We give you all the content, talking scripts, slide decks and student worksheets to create a robust 2 hour workshop. We'll even show you how to set up online workshops from home!

How Our Training Courses Work:

We all lead busy lives. Learning On Demand is now the leading way to enhance your skillset as a yoga teacher.  With Yoga Veda Now, you'll learn from high quality on demand courses designed to enhance your skills as a quality yoga teacher, from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are just getting started on your journey, or finishing your course of study, you’ll find what you are looking for to enhance your teaching skills using Yoga Veda On Demand courses. Upon completion, you'll receive a certification from Yoga Veda Institute.


Becoming a skilled teacher requires high quality training. Yoga Veda Now is the program you need to build a foundation as a highly trained teacher who stands out from the rest.


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