What is the Yoga Veda Facilitator Program?

Ayurveda is a heart centered approach to creating the best life possible.  When we begin this lifelong journey, transformation happens. We become conscious creators and our lives improve across all levels.  

Ayurveda takes us there.

The Yoga Veda Facilitator Program helps coaches, counselors, teachers, and leaders create a sustainable livelihood by serving others with life changing work.


How Does The Yoga Veda Facilitator Program Work?

When you join the Facilitator Program you get instant access to our entire library of ready-to-teach curriculum, along with all the support you need to start facilitating your very own workshops retreats, or coaching sessions. You get to craft your own gorgeous events, and delight your attendees. Teaching with exclusive content allows you stand out from the sea of teachers and coaches, and take control of your own income potential.

Our goal is to provide you with gorgeous content that’s easy to deliver and that naturally boosts your earning potential. We love elegance and abundance, and want you to have both as you pursue this good work.

Who is This Program For?

Entrepreneurs, Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, Therapists, Essential Oil Educators, Healers… and more.

We created the The Yoga Veda Facilitator Program with all lightworkers and soulful entrepreneurs in mind. If you are working to serve others and improve lives, the YV Facilitator can enhance your work, expand your reach, and deepen the transformation with everyone you work with.

If you are committed to doing meaningful work that’s anchored in service and deep joy, and you know that you can earn a good living helping others connect to their true power… this program is for you.

This is a business investment with Heart. There are many ways to make your business work—so we keep the focus keenly on heart-centered entrepreneurship.


“I’ve found Ayurveda to be the missing piece in my career, how can I share this with others?”

Life coaches, wellness coaches, yoga instructors and others have been passionately describing what they've found in Ayurveda. We let that enthusiasm take the lead and created a curriculum for classes, workshops, retreats, coaching, and more.

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What's Included in the Program?

When you join the program and become an official Yoga Veda Facilitator, you are given everything you need to start facilitating this work right away: curriculum, tools, resources, and so much more.

Here’s what you get when you become a Yoga Veda Facilitator:

  • A year’s worth of Workshop Curriculum to level up your ayurveda skillset and grow your teaching portfolio (6 Complete Workshops)
  • Facilitator Knowledge Base - Anything you need in order to plan, host, and promote your workshops and offerings including digital versions of all of your workshops, legal contract templates and waivers for your events
  • Ready to use marketing and promotional assets (including customizable promotional graphics and promotional copy)
  • Tips, updates, FAQs, and more!
  • Affiliate Partner Status - Yoga Veda Facilitators have the choice to also be enrolled as Affiliate Partners. This means you’ll receive a commission from any of Yoga Veda Institutes programs that you help promote through your affiliate link— including scholarship, diploma, training or coaching programs

Workshops Included in the Facilitator Program:

  1. An Introduction to Ayurveda 
  2. An Introduction to Dinacharya : Daily Routine 
  3. Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition 
  4. Introduction to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
  5. Yoga Nidra Foundations
  6. Introduction to Ayurvedic Detoxification & Cleansing 
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Each workshop includes workshop outline, ice breaker activities, complete lecture notes, curated activities, guided meditations & yoga practice sequences, gorgeous workbooks and teaching materials, complete slide decks, journal templates, marketing email templates & social media templates, certification templates and more.

Yoga Veda Facilitator Program Offer

$997.00 USD



* For those with financial need installments are available ($189 payments for 6 months).

*When you purchase the Facilitator Program, the programs are yours to keep forever.

*Content is copyright protected and by purchasing you agree not to share any information within the curriculum to others apart from your students.  

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If you're ready to enhance your work, expand your reach, and deepen the transformation with everyone you work with, then the Facilitator Program is exactly what you need.  Join us today.

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